What is a Galaxy Capri?

The Galaxy Capri is a much improved version of the orignal US made "Capri" marquee that has been around in this country for about 15 years now. Our own version, the galazy capri, has been extensivley redesigned and upgraded, primarily to offer total protection from the 'vagaries of the English weather'.

Why choose a Galaxy Capri over another style?

Like everything it all comes down to personal preferences. We find that people are initially attracted to the design, they love the asthetics and they're usually after something a little different, but without costing a fortune. The vast majority of our clients state openly that they can't bear the 'white shed' marquees with all the swags and chandeliers that are associated with them.

If you want something that is different, practical, elegant and value for money from a company with a wealth of experince in the industry
and that prides itself it is un-complicated and un confusing approach then please do get in contact.